Why Block? We can

Maximize the Profitability of your Investment.

"We are good at this because we are property owners ourselves. What we do for ourselves and our properties,
we do for you, too,"
says Rick Lynch, Founder and Managing Partner. With our 20 years experience in the
real estate business, you can trust BLOCK to be a sustainable resource for managing your property.

We go the extra mile to find a perfect tenant. On average, BLOCK agents show a property to three tenants before getting a signed lease. We are available during the day, evenings, and weekends to show the property. We then screen the tenants, from credit reports, to criminal checks, and previous rental references (at no expense to the investor).

We visit our properties on a QUARTERLY basis. With our visitation service, BLOCK performs quarterly inspections of each and every property discovering any wear-and-tear issues that need to be addressed. If we discover something that is broken, we fix it. If the tenant is responsible for the damage, we take it from his security deposit, which he needs to replenish as a condition of his lease. Our goal is to solve small problems before they become big ones. We know that if we wait until the end of the lease to see the property, it is too late. And because we frequent the area, we also get feedback on your tenants from neighbors!

Block handles all leasing processes. Our leases are compliant with all local rules and regulations and we augment them with language that protect YOU, the investor, from the very beginning of the lease. We address issues such as... Can the tenant have a pet? Can they smoke in the apt? Who exactly is going to live there? Can they paint a wall themselves? We provide the tenant with written rules and regulations, that he signs in the beginning, outlining all his responsibilities as a tenant, AND what he can expect from BLOCK.

We get properties BACK ON THE MARKET FAST. Because of our quarterly inspections, and our unique lease agreement, the need for large repairs at the time a tenant leaves is rare. Our tenants have been “trained” to take care of the property because we hold them accountable. This allows us to get the property “rent ready” much quicker, minimizing lost rents.

BLOCK understands government regulations. The last thing you need is to be entangled in a long legal struggle simply because you didn’t understand a state, local, or U.S. real estate law. Don’t get caught in a costly mistake. BLOCK knows the ropes and understands the government regulations that must be followed – so you don’t pay the penalties.

We take care of the daily grind. Taking care of our own homes keeps most of us plenty busy. Aside from the obvious responsibility of collecting rents, assessing late fees…do you also want to cut the lawn of your rentals? Shovel driveways? Do you have a reliable, trustworthy team of contractors, vendors, and handymen – as well as time to make the phone calls, follow-up calls, and check on the work? We’ll do it all for you, so you can enjoy your weekends.

We manage the endless paperwork! We don't just handle the lease and collect the rent. BLOCK performs a thorough market analysis to determine the appropriate market driven rent that will get the investor the most return for his money. We organize monthly expenditures and provide you with an annual report that sums up the expenses for the year…and gets you ready for tax season. We take care of you!

We have an exit strategy for you. If undertaken properly, investing in real estate can provide years of safe consistent returns. There are times, however, when investors have a need to liquidate some or all of their holdings. With BLOCK managing your property, our assistance in maximizing your income while keeping your property in a "best in area" condition, will ensure high rents and thus market value for your property. Your property will be as attractive as possible to the next investor should you wish to sell–which in many cases, may be a new, or current BLOCK investor.