Expert Property Management

The Key to Making Money with Your Rental Property.

BLOCK Realty and Management offers full-service property management for multi-family,
single-family, and commercial properties. Read on for a detailed list of our services.

Review current holdings of the investor - When we manage a new property, we meet with the investor and determine the current physical condition of the property. We provide feedback on viability of current rents, and the need for improvements to get the properties to the best physical condition. Our repairs and maintenance proposals are the most reasonable and reliable because we use either in-house employees, or contractors who work with us on all major projects.

Tenant location - Because of our years of experience, we understand how to use various tools most effectively to find good tenants for our owners. We use local newspapers and the judicial usage of on-line resources to fill vacancies fast and for keeps. We work closely with all HUD and community action services and have a proven track record of leveraging these resources. And, of course, our best resource is the BLOCK reputation. Prospective tenants know about BLOCK managed properties and want to live in them. We then screen the tenants, from credit reports, to criminal checks, and previous rental references (at no expense to the investor) until we find the best tenant for your property.

Full leasing capabilities – As a licensed real estate brokerage firm, BLOCK is very experienced in showing properties and getting tenants to commit. We are also well versed in all lease documentation requirements for the states we serve. We make sure our leases protect you and your property at all times. And along with that, years of dealing with various HUD offices and their local requirements ensure smooth navigation through the entire process. And we have an extensive network of licensed agents to show your property day and night.

Quarterly inspection services - Problems left unattended become bigger problems and some tenants are harder on properties than others. Our quarterly inspection service alerts YOU, the owner, of any normal maintenance issues along with documentation of tenant-caused damages for which we obtain restitution for on behalf of the owner. As a result, we have significantly reduced major damages caused by tenants in the properties we manage.

Building maintenance - We have the expertise to handle any and all problems that can surface with both commercial and residential properties. And because most of the repairs are done by our in-house staff of licensed tradesmen, we cut out the middle man – saving the owner considerable money and vacancy time. Whether your repair calls for jackhammers, bulldozers, or excavators, we have the capability to handle even the biggest challenges at the largest properties. And many of our services carry flat-rate charges taking the guesswork (and again the middleman $$) out of the equation.

Unit prep - Because of our quarterly inspections, we stay ahead of the issues that cause costly delay between tenant occupancy. Working round the clock, our in-house staff can get even the most challenging unit prepared very quickly. This helps avoid lost rents for the investor.

Remediation - In spite of our best efforts, occasionally there will be the need to collect on past due rents. Our initial punch-up via mail is within 3 days of the first late payment. Subsequent follow up will be through the telephone accompanied by written documentation either by mail and/or electronic mail. Should all efforts fail, BLOCK will take all the necessary steps to evict the tenant and collect appropriate monies due.

Bookkeeping Support - We will provide you with monthly, itemized statements showing income and expenses related to your property. We will also provide a year-end accounting summary for tax purposes.