Block Can Help You

Grow your Real Estate Portfolio.

Grow your Real Estate Portfolio

If undertaken properly, investing in real estate can provide years of safe, consistent returns. Unlike securities, rents rarely if ever, go down. We can help you build your real estate portfolio so you can create an asset the family can enjoy for generations to follow. If BLOCK is with you from the very beginning in locating and renovating the property, we will have applied all our time proven tools to help you buy the property at the lowest cost and rehab it at a fraction of the expense, if you were to contract it out yourself. We will then rent and manage the property, making sure that it stays in tip top condition, our goal being to make you money ALONG with providing "best in area" housing for our tenants.

It can be a turnkey situation with BLOCK. You will be completely aware of your returns prior to purchase. Your purchase price, construction costs, management fees, and day-to-day operating expenses are all identified and factored into the deal BEFORE you invest in the property. And these returns will remain strong making your property attractive to the next investor should you wish to sell–which in many cases is a new, or current, BLOCK investor. And, BLOCK's motto stands firm: "We will never suggest you buy a property we wouldn’t purchase for ourselves".

Regardless of whether BLOCK is involved in the initial investment or not, one can be assured that not only is his real estate investment handled skillfully every month, it will be handled that way for as long as the investor, or his heirs, own the property.