Years of Experience with Our Own Properties

Pays Off for You – Our Customer!

As the retired founder and President of Trans Union Settlement Solutions, Rick Lynch provides a wealth of experience in property valuation, finance, and investment strategy. Tired of losing money in the stock market, Rick decided to put his in-depth knowledge of real estate to work for himself and his family. Rick derives nearly 100% of his disposable income from owning and managing real estate. BLOCK Realty and Management was founded to ensure that the assets created will be available to the Lynch family for generations to come. BLOCK Realty and Management will do the same for you and yours.

The BLOCK team has seen all the "beginner mistakes" (as well as the mistakes even seasoned landlords can make) – so they can help you run a mistake-free business. With 20+ years in real estate property management, the professionals at BLOCK own real estate managed by BLOCK. So when they say they manage your building as if it were their own, it's just the simple truth.

BLOCK's goal for their investors is to ensure stable returns for many years…so your family can depend on us, and their real estate investment, for years to come. Thomas Pisano, Certified Property Manager (CPM), and Broker of Record, shares knowledge gleaned from more than 35 years in the real estate industry. Having successfully directed the management of more than 50,000 residential units along the east coast, Tom says, "The secret to making money in rental properties is the correct property manager.

The right manager keeps repair costs down, turn-around fast, and owner time at almost zero." If your property manager isn’t doing that for you, make the switch to BLOCK and see how quickly your property starts making money for you!